Fashion Club for Students of Style


Photo By Fiona A. Vo

Members of the Fashion Club.

Fiona A. Vo, Staff Writer

A new fashion club is opening at Alta Loma High School. The club is held every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in room 25. The club started because of the strong admiration of fashion. The club wants to encourage students to feel free to express themselves through clothing as an individual.

“I really love fashion and I feel like it’s a really great way to express yourself, and it just makes people feel happy and confident when they dress the way they want to,” Paris Tuma, president, junior.

At first, the club started off as a joke, but by constant discussion about the club, it was brought into action when the club papers came out. The president, Paris Tuma, chose her representatives to be people with a lot of passion for fashion with creative design ideas.

The first meeting of the club on Wednesday, September 22 is all about introductions. The following meeting is going to be designing a tote bag with fabric markers and any other supplies students may bring in.

“We plan to make our own clothing and items, and watch movies and shows about fashion,” Mia Phommalayvane, vice president, junior.

“Future plans I have are just showing videos of fashion and models, and also talking about how to be eco-friendly with fashion,” Chis Apablaza, secretary, sophomore.

“Future activities we were thinking of was designing your own shirts, totes, handbags with embroidery or anything you’d like to use and showcasing them,” Nevaeh Fernandez, treasurer, junior.

They consider themselves as Alta Loma’s closet, so if interested, join the club, and find them on Instagram @alhs_fashionclub and sign up for Remind @alhsfas for introductions, news, and future showcases.