Are Mashed Potatoes the Future?


Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

Mashed potatoes have been around as far back as 1747 and have been enjoyed in many different ways since then. A recent poll was taken by Alta Loma High School students, where students were randomly asked about their view on mashed potatoes. The results showed that 67 percent of people believe that mashed potatoes are the future and are for everyone to enjoy.

While this is true, many people have been debating how to prepare and eat this delectable food item since its creation. Mainly amongst these arguments is whether they should be eaten with gravy. Many say that gravy works well with mashed potatoes and increases their flavor. Another school of thought, however, is that gravy is too overpowering.

“You don’t get the full experience of mashed potatoes when you put gravy, you just taste gravy,” stated Logan Parker, a freshman at Alta Loma High School.

Another common argument in the mashed potato community is on how mashed potatoes should be made. Some people prefer to keep their mashed potatoes basic, using only potatoes and butter in their creation. There are many other ingredients, however, that will support and enhance the flavor of mashed potatoes. These include milk, cream cheese, garlic, pepper, and a number of other ingredients and seasonings.

One recipe includes peeling four or five potatoes thoroughly, before cutting each into four pieces, all of similar size. The potatoes are then boiled until they have softened, and then the excess water is drained. To finish, butter, sour cream, a small splash of milk, salt, and peppers are added to the potatoes. Then, all the ingredients are smashed together, creating the perfect mashed potatoes.