Freshmen transition



Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

The start back to fully in-person school was kind of a shock for a lot of people. But the school year of 2021-2022 at Alta Loma High School also has the freshmen that really skipped their junior high experience and now are thrown into high school life. The start of this school year has brought up some mixed emotions, and now getting to hear insight into the way the freshman have adjusted and are still adjusting to life at ALHS. 

Rylee Leon (freshmen) described it as a little bit “nerve-racking” and “exciting” at the same time. While I do feel like a lot of people would have the same feelings Leon also said that “High is different in many different ways, but a good different.” Junior high was very strict when it came to certain things but high school is different. That’s why a lot of freshmen relate to each other. They all missed junior high and only they can truly know what that feels like.

 Coming back to school Brianna Gallo (freshmen) said “There’s just a lot more people and I think we are all still adjusting.” Gallo Also said, “I feel like a lot of us lost our social skills over this past year or so.” For a lot of us, this is true and this is another thing that was really hard for us this school year. Throughout all of this, the class of 2025 at ALHS is still making it through. Fernanda Omelas (freshmen) says that “High school is different because there are a lot more responsibilities and that you can’t rely on anyone else”  

For us, this really just means when you get work someone isn’t going to do it for you, you have to step up and take the responsibility. Also for a lot of us Junior high this past year we really didn’t have that many responsibilities, other than logging on a computer and being there so to go from that to being thrown into high school has really just thrown us for a loop.