Vaccine Mandates Cause Political Tension

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Jacob R. Lopez, Staff Writer

A mandate requiring citizens to get the Covid-19 vaccine is a highly politicized topic, and is the next step to facilitate a full return to normal life. Due to the Delta variant, companies have adopted policies requiring employees to get vaccinated. Now, President Joe Biden has ordered a mandate that will affect millions of Americans.

“But if we implement them (new measures in Biden’s plan), I believe and the scientists indicate, that in the months ahead we can reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans, decrease hospitalizations and deaths, and allow our children to go to school safely and keep our economy strong by keeping businesses open,” stated Joe Biden in his announcement.

His mandate will require all employers with more than 100 workers to have their employees vaccinated or get tested weekly. The six steps to Biden are vaccinating the unvaccinated, further protecting the vaccinated, increasing testing and mask requirements, protecting economic recovery

 Los Angeles Unified School District has recently required that all student 12 and up get vaccinated. It’s the first major school district to do so in the country, and no others have followed suit.

“Alex Stack, a spokesperson for Gov. Gavin Newsom, said there is currently no conversation about a statewide vaccine mandate for students,” according to Joe Hong, reporter for CalMatters.

Nine states currently ban school districts from setting mask requirements, and these states will more than likely oppose a vaccine mandate all students 12 and up nationwide. The conversation has already been started, and it should be a matter of time before many more school districts follow the lead of LAUSD.

Previously companies would offer incentives to spur vaccination rates among their employees.

Now, getting as many people as possible vaccinated is the first step to reinstate our pre-Covid lives.