Funny Warning for Seagulls

Photo via
(yes, soundcloud)

Photo via (yes, soundcloud)

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

  There is a time every year when the seagulls come out and hunt Alta Loma High School. This time of year is around February. This is when many students become the toilet to a seagull and get pooped on. This happens when there is a change in weather and flocks of seagulls begin to circle the quad and fly above the heads of everyone. The students must know when it is time for the seagulls to strike again. Signs should be put up saying, “WARNING: Flock of Seagulls”. This sign will also have info on the place and time the seagulls usually appear. Students should be aware that their new clothes they bring to show off could be the reason for a conversation in a different way they expected. This is not meant to be taken lightly, the seagulls will strike anyone at any time. Be careful Alta Loma High School.

  The time of the year will arrive soon and it is advised that students dress to impress with caution. On the bright side this will let students know when the end of year is coming and they do not have to deal with all the seagulls until the next year. Seagulls come and use students as their personal toilets every year. Not even staff is safe, in the past years students have reported seeing staff get pooped on with their own eyes. Staff also need to be aware and even though the proctors ride around on their bikes, that does not mean they are fast enough to escape the outcome many other students get.