Los Osos Administrator David Riden Arrested

Photo Courtesy of abc7.com

Photo Courtesy of abc7.com

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

On August 25th, 2021 it was reported that a hidden camera had been discovered at Los Osos High School in the girl’s restroom and the girl’s locker room. After a staff member discovered the camera which had been disguised as a phone charging block they immediately alerted the police. It was uncovered that David Riden, an administrator at Los Osos High School, was behind the hidden camera. 

On the incident, Rob McMillan from abc7.com wrote, “A high school football coach in Rancho Cucamonga has been arrested after police say he planted a hidden camera inside the girl’s bathroom. Investigators say David Riden, 52, was the assistant football coach at Los Osos High School. Riden has worked at the school since 2015. In addition to being the assistant football coach for the varsity team, he also once worked as the boy’s locker room attendant, police said.” 

After the incident parents and students not only from Los Osos but district-wide have been left horrified. A school is a place of education not exploitation of students. David Riden immediately resigned and no longer works as a member of the district. His trial date has been set for October 25th. As of right now, he has pleaded to one misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy. 

Parents have also spoken up about the anxieties their children are experiencing going forward. Since David Riden has been an administrator at Los Osos since 2015 there’s a very real chance that hundreds of videos of unsuspecting children could be out there. Not only have students had to deal with this but also harassment from fellow classmates. 

Rob McMillan from abc7.com wrote, “Allred said it’s not just the alleged actions of the coach that upset her but also comments allegedly made by members of the football team since the arrest. ‘One boy is reported to have stood up in class, and openly chanted “Free Riden” with no apparent consequences,’ said Allred. ‘Some members of the football team asked the victims why they were so upset, saying ‘It’s just some free booty pictures.’”

Whatever the outcome of this disaster ends up being, the hope is that justice is served. Children should not have to worry about unsolicited pictures circulating in a place of education.