Mr. Dempsey’s Obsessions


Mr. Dempsey’s Guitar Photo credit Gregory Carter

Gregory Carter, Staff Writer

As a human we all like different things and for Mr. Dempsey it would be rock music. Since Dempsey was a kid he’s always enjoyed rock but his first memory of Rock music was when he was 7 or 8. The first band he had ever listened to was the Deep Purple rock band. Deep purple is a well Known band in London they have performed with artists such as Led Zeppelin which helped open the path to their successes. As Dempsey was growing up he found passions in playing instruments such as Baritone horn, Guitar and Dempsey also loved to sing. Dempsey loved rock so much he would go watch small bands perform. This caused him to run into an artist by the name of Mr. Dodd. Dodd played in a band that needed a Baritone horn player. Dodd wasn’t going to let him join that easily though, he had him audition with his band the day later. Dodd found much interest in Dempsey’s baritone skills so he hired him. Their first ever practice as a new band was a day before their performance. Dempsey played well as a new band member. Dempsey and his band were together for a while until they split up and moved to a different band. Since then Dempsey has played in 6 different bands. Dempsey currently plays for a band called Drop 8. Before Dempsey was even a rock artist he used to find passion in being a DJ. Dempsey’s DJ name was “Kash Money” he picked his DJ name after Slipknot. Dempsey also enjoyed listening to HipHop groups such as N.W.A , Ice Cube and Eazy-E.