Saftey Measures in Sports

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Ahsiya Valenzuela, Staff Writer

Safety measures are a big thing in 2021. A few safety measures is wash your hands, six feet apart and wear a mask all times at school. Safety measures is preventing people from getting sick(COVID-19). Safety measures are everywhere, Safety measures are a major thing because a lot of people have been getting sick these past  years (2020-2021). Most people expect he or she to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds or more. All Alta loma high school students should follow these expectations with safety measures. At Alta loma we expect he/she to wear a mask, keep distance from others, wash their hands. Alta loma students need to be safe, because she/he does not want to go back to quarantine. 


Most teachers want to teach in real life, not on a computer. All Alta Loma high school teachers need to follow the safety measure rules as well. ALHS will be way better if it did safety measures including more football games and the football games will be way safer and the classrooms will be more clean, ALHS will have more kids without (Covid-19). 

The safety measures for alta loma high school is really major because if u don’t do safety measures in any high school it could be really nasty there will be lots of kids sick, every teacher expects there students to wash there hands, wear a mask, keep 6ft apart because of covid-19 or getting any sick diseases that may happen in the future.