Alta Loma Students Participate in USC Study

Luke R. Winters, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 4th, Alta Loma High School students will participate in a study conducted by USC. Freshman and sophomores were given the opportunity to take part in the study. Taking part was voluntary, but if students did choose to participate they will continue to receiver surveys throughout the next three or four years of high school.

“I took the survey because I wanted to help USC get an accurate survey to understand the modern student,” said Jeremy Neal, freshman.

The survey asks about drug use and mental health, to monitor whether there is a connection between the two. Students will be asked about drug usage, mental health, who their friends are, and other such subjects. This information will be used to help the people who are conducting the study to to learn about substance use in high school students and what should be done about it.

“I think that it will help them be more aware of the exposure we have to drugs, but I don’t necessarily think it can help them monitor the usage,” said Courtney Raddon, freshman.

Information about who you are friends with can be used to see how you are influenced by the people you spend time with. This information remains completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone who is not related to the study. Students will also benefit from this study; whether or not you agree to partake in the study, you will receive $5, and if you do choose to take the surveys you can continue to receive monetary compensation all throughout the next few years of the study.