2021 Water Polo Season


Photo by Charlotte Winters

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma High School boys’ water polo season started at the beginning of the 2021 to 2022 school year. Water polo/swim has had a coach change; the new coach is named Kristin Rodriguez.

Water polo is an aquatic sport where two teams with seven players each face each other. It consists of four quarters where the two teams try to score on the other team’s goals.

The new water polo coach Rodriguez has had a lot of experience coaching. She has been assistant coach for colleges such as La Verne from 2007-2010 and Pomona Pitzer.

The 3 assistant coaches that are helping Rodriguez have experience playing and coaching the sport. Natalie Rivas, was a varsity swim and waterpolo player for all 4 years at Bonita High and want to play on at a D-1 school, Brooke Padilla she has assisted her teams she has coached to some of the most successful women’s water polo teams to date in college history, and lastly Justine Castro she was named most valuable player between “15-16” at Waron High School and has been on many teams that went far into CIF.

The boys varsity water polo team led by Rodriguez has an overall 10-5 wins and losses. They are first in league, are ranked second in division 3 for CIF, and have a 67% win rate.

“I have a very talented group of student-athletes. They have been working hard and we are looking forward to playoffs,” Expressed Rodriguez, head Waterpolo coach.

The boys start their second round of league on Wednesday, October 13th. And in the upcoming weekend on the 16th and 17th, they have a tournament to help them prepare for playoffs

“It is a learning experience, I feel like we are doing pretty good, and the coaches push us to our limit to make us better,” Stated Kaden Allender, JV water polo player.

The girls water polo season starts in October/November. They started their practice/training on the fourth of October to get ready for their tryouts from November first and will be two weeks long.

“Are girls water polo team is starting their preseason soon. I have enjoyed seeing how happy everyone is to return to the water. I’m excited to coach this group especially with the coaching staff that we have. Our schedule is challenging and I cannot wait to see the growth we can make,” told Rodriguez, head Waterpolo coach.

Though it is not stated how far the boys or girls will go into CIF or when their seasons will officially end. They have strong coaches that could make them go far. Go Braves Go!