Devious Licks at Alta Loma?


Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

All across the nation schools are dealing with a Tik Tok challenge called Devious Licks. Devious licks are where students try to steal unreasonable things from school like bathroom doors or towel dispensers.

This challenge is mostly targeted at bathrooms. After a student steals something they will either post a video or a picture on Tik Tok.

The challenge started when students started to get back into in-person school. So from late 2020 into the early 2021 school year.

Jason Kaylor, the principal of Alta Loma High School in an email sent out to all the families and students stated that kids who participated in the trend or anything close to the trend families will have to pay for property damages. And is also asking students to report these types of violations anonymously.

Schools have also started to regulate when and how many times students get to go to the bathroom. This is to try to prevent them from stealing things.

Tik Tok on their end is trying to take down all the videos and is stating that it is against their community guidelines.

“We expect our community to stay safe and create responsibly, and we do not allow content that promotes or enables criminal activities. We are removing this content and redirecting hashtags and search results to our Community Guidelines to discourage such behavior,” a TikTok spokesperson told CNN.

Though it is hard to say how people are getting the large objects they steal off of campus for the small objects they hide them in their backpacks and take them home.

The school district hopes to resolve this soon and asks you not to participate in the Devious licks challenge.