Evan Peters Finally Wins an Emmy


Raven Landa, Staff Writer

Evan Peters has won an Emmy at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Peters is an
American-Actor and Film Producer, he has been acting since 2004. He won this award on the
19th of September, 2021. This is his first time winning any kind of award in his acting career.
The category that the award was for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Limited or Anthology
Series. This was Peters first Emmy win and nomination. He won this with the HBO drama series
‘Mare of Easttown’ in which he played Detective Collin Zabel where he had a scene-stealing

“This was a dream come true for me tonight and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, so
thank you, ” stated Evan Peters.

Peters was up against Thomas Brodie Sangster, Jonathan Groff and Anthony Ramos. These
actors were up against Peters with series such as The Queen’s Gambit and Hamilton. Many
people know these two series very well because of how popular they are.
His good friend and co-star, Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story, congratulated him on
Instagram. She has been working with Peters for a decade. She is glad that he is finally getting
the recognition he deserves after all these years.

“This person right here. He deserved a nomination every year for the past decade,” stated
Sarah Paulson.

So many of Peters fans, friends and family are proud of him for finally getting an award. Many
have said that the characters he plays have left a big impression on them. He has played at
least a total of 22 roles in his acting career.