Zombie Apocalypse Guide

Photo courtesy of psychologicalscience.org

Photo courtesy of psychologicalscience.org

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

The world is currently in chaos, and one must be prepared for any event. It has already been hit by COVID-19, and it must be considered that a zombie apocalypse could be next. As such, students and staff at ALHS must be prepared to face such an instance within Rancho Cucamonga, if there is any hope of survival.

At the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, one must first seek out a library, as knowledge is power. One such library is on Archibald Avenue. Once any important knowledge has been sourced out, thought then must be turned to food.

There are many Stater Bros. near ALHS. There, one can gather any food needed and can also fortify it into a defendable and protected area. This can be done by creating barricades out of heavy materials and pieces of furniture found nearby. Then, one can simply wait things out within the store, as well as improve their situation with the knowledge gained from the books they gathered.

Another method of thought is to stay mobile. One could simply carry all they had in a backpack and travel slowly in a zigzag motion, allowing for buildings to be cleared reliably. This also solves the problem of having a buildup of zombies within an area, keeping one generally safe.

In either method, stealth is vital. A person wins 100 percent of all fights that they don’t take. As such, in any scenario one must act with uttermost caution.