Gabby Petito Crime Investigation is Ongoing


Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

22-year-old Gabby Petito was on a road trip with her Fiance Brian Laundrie when he
returned without her on September 1, 2021. There’s been an ongoing investigation and they
have found her body on September 19 2021 in the Bridger-Teton national forest in Wyoming.
Petito and her fiance left in July on what was meant to be a four-month cross-country
road trip.

The next month is when they were first seen by the cops. August 12, 2021, in Moab
Utah. They were pulled over for a disorderly conduct stop. Someone had called 911 on her
fiance saying that someone saw Laundrie hit Petito. The body cam footage of a responding
officer shows Petito really upset and crying, no arrest warrants were made but the couple was
separated for the night.

Throughout this trip, Petito and Laundrie posted videos and content on YouTube to
document their adventure. Their very first post to YouTube was titled “Van Life” and they
seemed happier than ever. The last post/video that Petito ever made was August 25, 2021.
Throughout the next couple of days, reports have said that odd situations have been happening
with Petito, and August 29, 2021, is when Miranda baker supposedly picked up Laundrie when
he was hitchhiking.

On September 1, 2021, Is when laundrie returned to his and Petitos home but without
his fiance. September 11 2021 Is when Petito was reported missing by her mother to the Suffolk
County New York police department. A couple of days later is when the investigation gets really
big. The families issue their statements but Petito’s family statement ordered Laundrie to tell
them where their daughter was, and the day after that is when people start suspecting Laundrie
of suspicious activity. And September 19, 2021, Gabbys remains were found.

A couple of days pass and Laundrie is now missing the FBI is on a critical search for him
and everyone now thinking that he had something to do with his Fiances Murder. On
September 27, 2021, a new face appears. Dog the bounty hunter has taken the law into his own
hands and is searching for laundrie in hoped to find him. But, now as of October 8, 2021 Petito
is found but Laundrie is not.

All this time past and he is not found but he is out there and the real question is where is
he. Why did he do this to someone that he loved so much? Someone that he loved enough to
marry, but the only one that knows these answers is Laundrie himself.