Dark Academia is the Newest Fashion Trend

Dark Academia is the Newest Fashion Trend

Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

Throughout this year and quarantine, the style of dark academia has become very popular, and more teenagers and young adults are dressing up in dark academia or have elements of dark academia in their outfits, especially in Alta Loma High School. Dark academia usually consists of different shades of brown in clothing and different types of semi-formal wear to make a chic and sophisticated look.

Dark academia was described as wearing, “neutral, dark colors and fitting into the Ivy League, old college aesthetic,” according to Kevin Kyei, Sophomore.

Dark academia is an academic aesthetic that’s based on classic literature, self-discovery, and a general passion for education and knowledge. There are several different types of academia fashion, but dark academia is by far the most popular and most widely seen. It also emphasizes certain Gothic elements and concepts of death and mysteriousness.

According to aesthetics.fandom.com, the dark academia style is based on upper-class European culture in the 19th century and includes certain Greek elements. 19th century Europe emphasized the importance of having an education and knowing rhetoric and classic literature. Pretentiousness is also important in the academia community because it romanticizes special life moments and elegance.

Dark academia is a layered clothing style, so it is usually worn during autumn and winter. There are three specific elements that make up the dark academia looks: vintage or thrifted clothing, an augmented intellectual look, and certain staples of clothing like cardigans and oversized tops. It also has a very neutral color palette, the aesthetic consisting of different shades of browns and grays.

“It’s very appealing and gives off a Hogwarts vibe. I like it personally,” commented Lucy Aldaco, Junior.

It is estimated, according to thevou.com, that dark academia became popular during the pandemic because there was no more school or special events to go to, so dressing up in styles like academia kept students connected to their previous lives. The negative emotions that were brought on by quarantine slid through with the Gothic elements in dark academia.