Chess vs. Checkers

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Andrew Cortez, Staff Writer

On Saturday December 3rd, 2021, a match will be conducted to see which is the better game; Chess or Checkers. The match is set to take place behind a Burger King restaurant next to the second dumpster, not the first one. This idea has gone on for many generations which even lead to full on brawls between two families to see what game is better.
 One family, the Strap’s, leading in the world of chess being taught the different pieces before they take their first step and learning basic strategies before they hit puberty. One the other side there is the Wiener family who are born naturally gifted with checkers boards being one of the first gifts they receive. As they grow up they earn pieces starting at one piece for their first birthday, two pieces for their second birthday, three pieces for their third birthday and so on.
The Two heads of the family agreed to meet up to finally end this bloody battle between the two families. Upon the decided date Jacques Strap from the Strap family will meet up with Drew P. Wiener to see what is better: Chess or checkers. From the Chess side we have Jacques Strap son of Tess T. Strap and on the checkers side we have Drew P. Wiener son of Yuri Weiner.

If those Names sound familiar that’s because the two women met up before to settle the dispute with neither winning and a 40-hour stalemate between the two leading to a ref to end the match because he has a life too. No one is sure how this is going to turn out or even how to play this type of match but you don’t want to miss this.