Tennis Season is underway


Photo by Savannah Warasky

Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

  The start to the 2021-2022 school year at ALHS also means the start of the new sports
teams. Which is also the tennis team at Alta Loma High School. The tennis teams in the past
have done pretty well, and as for this year, they have been doing really well and hope to keep it
that way.

  This year Shawn Oneill is the head coach for the girl’s tennis team. This year we also
have a JV and varsity team here at ALHS. As for the boys, the head coach for tennis is also
Shawn Oneill. So far the girl’s tennis team has been on a really good streak with multiple
wins. We would like to keep it that way. “So far both teams have done pretty well” said Danica
Trinite (freshman)
The tennis team here at ALHS usually has fairly good stats and is a pretty good
team. The captain for the Varsity team is Shawn Oneill’s daughter, Sydney Oneill And for the JV
there is no captain.
The head coach for tennis (Shawn Oneill) also has two daughters that are on the team,
Sydney and Dylan Oniell. Shawn is a really amazing coach and has led the ALHS tennis teams
to victory multiple times. And hopes to keep doing so in the future. Coach Oneill has been
coaching for many years. So far all the girls do get along, and you can see so on their
performance and truly amazing games
Sophie Raisin (Sophmore) says “he’s an amazing coach and we’ve really done well so
far, and trying not to jinx it I think that we will keep doing good.” And just about everyone
agrees with that. With the season still ahead for the girl’s tennis team here at ALHS, we all hope
that it keeps going as great as it is so far.
These girls have been working so hard for this season and no matter what they will still
have that. No matter what they are still and amazing at the end of the day with an even more
amazing coach.