Skinny Jeans are Out and Embroidered Jeans are in

Skinny Jeans are Out and Embroidered Jeans are in

Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

Over the past year, the ongoing trend of skinny jeans has finally come to an end. Now, almost everyone ranging from Gen Z’s to Millennials can be seen wearing a pair of fun, colorful, embroidered denim jeans.

From high-waisted mom jeans to boyfriend jeans to dad jeans, it seems that almost every denim piece being found has an embroidered embellishment. With countless designs to choose from, the most popular have proven to be flowers, butterflies, and zebra stripes. Others have included more unique elements into their pants such as smiley faces, hearts, and even dinosaurs.

“Embroidered jeans look really cute and I have seen people on TikTok wearing them,”stated River Roof, Sophomore.

This trend began to grow immensely when the most influential fashion icons like Bella Hadid were spotted wearing a pair of Von Dutch low rise jeans with fancy stitching. It started to become even more popular when beauty and fashion influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube posted their own styling videos of how to wear embroidered jeans. Some styled the jeans with a bodysuit, casual T-shirt, oversized sweatshirt, or high heels.

Embroidered jeans can be found at retail clothing stores like Abercombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Forever 21, and H&M. One can also find these from online clothing stores such as Shein, Revolve, Reformation, and Fashion Nova. Some people have even made their own DIY embroidered jeans by taking any pair of denim pants and sewing in their own sitchings.

“I do not have a pair of my own embroidered jeans but it seems like a cool at home craft,”stated Devean Austin, Sophomore.