The Vaccine gave people superpowers

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Andrew Cortez, Staff Writer

On April 20th, 2021, it was reported that 5 people received the first doses of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine prompting them to black out and be hospitalized. Five days later they each awoke within hours of each other, all were given a new ability of some sorts. They are known as Vacahumans, but what do they do?

They will often spend their time at home quarantining but on the rare occurrence when something happens, they leap into action. Their team Captain Maya Buttreeks Code Name: Magnita, gained the power to bend metal to her will and attach it to her arm but gets stopped at the airport every time. Next there’s Yuri Nator Code name: Paper Cut, gained the power of extendable claws made from toilet paper that can be as strong as steel until they get wet.
Next on the list there’s Moe Ron Code Name: Death Seeker, can create blood clots in his body leading to rapid body decay, but he is able to resurrect himself . Moe is Currently being hospitalized on his deathbed with no chance of recovery due to overuse of his power. Arguably one of their strongest members is Pierre Punts, Code name: Dr. Thinker, can read the minds of those wearing face covers and can control Vaccine related things like syringes and hand sanitizer with his mind but only while he is crossing his eyes.
Finally on the team, Eura Weiner Code Name: tarantula person, has the power to climb walls and shed her skin. She is extremely hairy which is the downside of her powers, but her nails carry a dangerous tranquil that can knock out a person within seconds. If you or someone you know have been displaying signs of sucky superpowers, then please call this number:

1-(855) 444-8888