College Board Controversy

Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

The AP Exams held in May of 2021 were adjusted to fit the COVID guidelines and restrictions that students across the country were going through. The modification of these exams was necessary, but many people disagree on whether or not it was fair to make AP students take a different type of test than had been held before.

Depending on the subject, the College Board made a variety of different adjustments to the tests, trying to make them more fair for students across the country and to try to prevent cheating because of at-home testing. Some of the changes made include not allowing students to skip or go back over their answers and adjusting the number of MCQ’s, LEQ’s, SAQ’s, and DBQ’s administered. For some tests, students also had the option to go in person to their school for testing.

“Last year wasn’t as bad, because again it was more to the original style,” said Jason Coutts, who mentioned that the 2021 AP Exams were much better in comparison to the AP Exams held in May of 2021. The AP Physics exams last year were also able to be taken in person, which likely helped the students.

The College Board made these decisions based off of the country’s guidelines at the time, independent of AP teachers’ thoughts and opinions. The teachers were left to try to prepare students for a completely different kind of test than usual. Teachers were divided on whether or not to support the tests and encourage students to take them as much as they normally would.