Lizards are elite pets

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Javier Arredondo, Editor

One fact that people may not be ready to hear is that Lizards are a top-3 pet. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should go to Petsmart looking for a lizard and not a dog or a cat. Cats have the most cons out of these 3 animals, since they do not care about you at all, run away from home often, hide from you and have teeth on their tongues. Dogs have less cons, but still do have their weaknesses: they poop and pee in the house all the time when they are puppies, and require around-the-clock attention to look out for excrement or even chewed up furniture. They also want constant attention, which can be tiring. Playing with them, petting them, taking them for a walk or a run everyday is a necessity for dogs, which some people may not be ready for. 

  Now lizards, lizards don’t need any of that. They never poop or pee in the house, since you can put them in their habitat and let them poop in there. They don’t have fur, which dogs and cats do and can cause allergies. They are not needy, so you can let them be yet they won’t ignore you or run away from home. They are also not noisy, barking at the mailman whenever he comes by. 

  That’s a lot of “they don’t,” so what do they do? Well, lizards look super cool, and they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Some can even change colors! Can a dog or cat do that? No. Lizards eating is also super cool to watch, as with their tongues they quickly scoop their food up. On top of this, lizards are so unique. Not many people have lizards as a pet, so if you get one everyone will flock to your pet, and not the neighbor’s noisy dog or nosey cat. So, next time you are shopping for a pet, always remember: Godzilla>Kong