Silent For A Day


Photo Courtesy of The Daily Illini

Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Staff Writer

On September 27, the ASL 3 students here at the high school participated in a day of silence. Where they were not allowed to use spoken communication for the entire day.

The event was run by Mrs. Kallas, one of the ASL teachers at the school. The event was created as a way for the students to connect with Deaf culture more. Along with realizing the struggles Deaf people face in their everyday lives communicating with hearing people.

Students certainly enjoyed the day as they came up with ideas for communication. Some people used writing on paper or their phones and others used ASL to have full conversations with each other. It was also quite a struggle for many not to talk as well.

In the classroom, students were still not able to talk. Which many found challenging because they couldn’t communicate effectively with their teachers or classmates. This accentuated the difficulties Deaf students go through in school to learn in a hearing world.

“I do think it was helpful, a lot of students were actually able to empathize now because they got to experience it… and most of them stated that if they do that every day it would be very hard,” stated Nicole Kallas, ASL teacher.

The original plan for the event was to have the students wear earplugs for the entire day. This however was not approved because it would cause a learning deficiency among the students as they wouldn’t be able to learn anything in class. She also plans on making this a yearly event since the students really enjoyed the experience.