Devious Licks

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

During the year of 2021 there has been a viral Tik Tok trend where students obliterate their school campuses. All across the United States there have been complaints from schools that students are vandalizing and stealing from their schools. The point of the trend is to steal objects around the school most commonly from the restrooms.

 Students have taken the viral trend past the limits and teachers were furious with it. There have been some eyewitnesses of trend who have described and said what went down. “I think the Devious Lick challenge is inappropriate because people are stealing stuff from their teachers, from their schools and people are vandalizing school campuses. I think stealing is bad and people can go to jail for that. All in all I think the Devious lick challenge is very inappropriate”. That is what Alta Loma High School Josiah Siboro had to say about the Devious Lick challenge.

“ I think the devious lick trend is a very inappropriate challenge going on that is causing students to make very poor choices. They are destroying their own school and the staff’s hard work. They’re stealing property that doesn’t belong to them and are facing very hard consequences for trying to become viral on a dumb trend. The trend was not worth the time wasted”. That is what Gladys Rivera had to say about the Tik Tok Devious Lick challenge.On the Tik Tok app there are many videos of the trend and some people have passed the line with it. There was one where a kid stole a sink and another where a kid stole a toilet. In the Alta Loma High School there was a pipe and a soap dispenser stolen from the school.