Amusement Parks

Ahsiya Valenzuela, Staff Writer

Amusement parks are going to be a major thing when Halloween comes around. Speaking of Knott’s scary farm, and six flags. These 2 Amusements will be a major event on Halloween because many people will go to six flags and Knott’s and ride their rides. Knott’s berry farm is currently selling Knott’s scary farm tickets to many people. Lots of people from all around the world will be going to Knott’s and six flags on halloween. At knott’s scary farm there’s an event called scare zone. 

The Scare zone is a thing where humans walk around through the amusement park with terrifying costumes and scare people that go to enjoy the show. They go on the ride with him/her and scare the people that are on the ride. At six flags it is called fright fest. Many people at Alta Loma high school will be attending Six flags and Knott’s scary farm. Many people enjoy amusement parks, especially people at Alta Loma high school.  Lots of people at Alta Loma high school will be attending many Amusement parks such as Knott’s Scary Farm and Six Flags Fright fest. A person that got interviewed at Alta Loma high school is Alex P. A few things Alex P said was that “ Yeah yeah, I’m gonna be going to these Amusement parks with some friends of mine”. This shows the excitement Alex is in and he’s going to be enjoying the Amusement parks when he goes with some of his friends.