Mr. Richards

David Richards is a new teacher on campus who also is taking over the duties of being the academic decathlon coach. He teaches ninth and tenth grade English in the B building, room 45. Richards grew up in a small town in Michigan, but went to college at Cal Poly Pomona, and has previously worked at Summit High School, where he taught various levels of English. English holds the appeal of being a subject that encompasses a lot of other subjects, including ones where he is able to talk about the current world, and that is what drew him to being an English teacher.

“Teaching English is a good way of understanding the world we live in … English is one of the only subjects where you can really dig into what’s happening today,” says Richards. Alongside his teaching, Richards became an academic decathlon coach for the first time in his now five-year-long career, something that allows him to combine competition and academics.

“It’s an academic competition that quizzes kids on seven topics, including a speech and an interview,” states the coach. Being the academic decathlon coach involves recruiting students and organizing them in the best way to win a decathlon. The academic decathlon is an exciting opportunity for Richards to involve himself in the school community, and many students are grateful to have his presence here.

“I had heard rumors that I would like the new guy, and I will say some of them were true. He has great taste in music, film, and series. Also, the sarcastic wit doesn’t hurt” commented Brian McBride, English teacher. Alta Loma High School has welcomed Richards happily, encouraging his ambitions with the decathlon and his love of English.