Bands and Rally

Rallies at Alta Loma High School are always a good and well enjoyed event. “The rallies are definitely always an event I would recommend people to go to.” Ashlee Molina on rallies.

The most recent rally was the Homecoming rally and this is where the homecoming court makes their entrances in order to try and gain votes. Band performs at these rallies and are very well rehearsed. Band is a group made up of a lot of students. Band performs in different events, for example rallies, halftime during football games, and also they have competitions against other bands. During rallies the different groups that perform are cheer, band, and dance. 

“The performance during the homecoming rally was so fun and it was a nice experience seeing so many people show up to a night rally” Ashlee Molina when asked about her experience during the rally. We have around 5 rallies a year. They are usually around 30 minutes to an hour. ASB is in charge of organizing these events. So, this event is a very huge part of our school to bring everyone together. The rallies are now held in the stadium after previously being held in the large gym.