No Bling Band

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

Many students at Alta Loma have amazing talents to share with their community and our world. One of our student bands called “No Bling” is no exception. Founded in late 2019, the group was motivated to create music together because, in their opinion, there was a lack of punk bands making memorable music. The group consists of four members, Ryan Gronewalk, Evan Chaske, Andrew Meza, and Damien Garcia. Their music is mostly punk, hardcore, and pop punk. 

The band’s name “No Bling” came about because Evan Chaske’s father owned a car dealership and would put stickers saying “No bling” on some of the cars. “I just took a bunch of the stickers and figured, well I have about 100 of them I guess we’ll just use this as our name,” said Chaske. Now, the band hands these stickers out and place them everywhere. All over the school, you will see students with No Bling stickers on their phone cases, backpacks, and other belongings. These stickers can also be found stuck on other various places such as school walls, windows, and even bathroom stalls. 

“The most enjoyable part about being in this band is that I get to do this with my friends, making music is all of our passions,” says Chaske. The band has been booked for almost 20 gigs, the largest with an audience of over 250 people. Many of the shows they perform in are backyard parties, which do very well. They have some demos up on Sound Cloud and are planning to record an album this November, so new music by them can be expected. Their last performance, a Halloween party on October 30th, was a massive success.