Regarding Pancakes

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Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

Pancakes are a delicious food item that have been around for thousands of years. This food item, usually eaten at breakfast, can be enjoyed by everyone and can be easily adapted for particular tastes.

A recent poll conducted among the Alta Loma High School students shows that most students prefer pancakes from IHOP, at 80 percent. This was chosen over its other competitors, being Denny’s and Kickback Jack’s. If the chance arises, one should definitely try the pancakes and other breakfast foods there.

Though pancakes are a common meal to eat at breakfast, they are normally rather plain. Pancakes, although basic on their own, can be easily coupled with other food items, remedying this. Most sane people put butter and maple syrup on their pancakes. Many also add flavor by putting chocolate chips or blueberries on them.

Other people eat their pancakes with jam, and some like to put sugar and butter on them. Some still will even eat them with peanut butter and jelly. The next time you eat pancakes, make sure to try some of these bizarre methods out. Even people with allergies can eat pancakes, with gluten-free options.

Not only do they taste exceptional, but they are also easy to make. Many eat them during holidays, but they can be eaten anytime. They can be eaten with bacon and eggs or without them, during breakfast or later in the day. Regardless, they are a great and easy food item that can be enjoyed by all.