Black Student Union

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union has been around since before 2004, and meets every other Wednesday in room 35 from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. It is overseen by Lamar Veal, and there are approximately 20 members. “We welcome all ALHS students to join us regardless of background, beliefs, etcetera , and we’re glad to be back for an exciting school year,” stated Veal, the advisor for the Black Student Union and a teacher at Alta Loma High School..

The Black Student Union was made to create unity and to learn about Black history. It is very inclusive, and all Alta Loma High School  students are welcomed. During meetings there are often discussion topics, like what Black history means to you and anything else that helps one further their understanding of Black history. The last meeting was on Nov. 3.

There was a period in the history of the Black Student Union during which it was called the Brothers and Sisters Uniting. Within the last three or so years, however, the title of this the Black Student Union was reborn. It’s purpose still remains the same though, that it may help create unity for students.“We plan on doing a lot of great things for the school this year,” stated Veal. The Black Student Union is looking forward to Black History Month in February, and are already starting to make preparations. They plan to do something for the whole school, and all members are helping with it.