Ahsiya Valenzuela, Staff Writer

The Raiders are doing really well in 2021. The Raiders are currently going 5-2. This is a really good record for the Raiders for the start of the NFL. The Raider have not done good in the past years of the NFL. The Raiders recently beat The Dolphins 31-28. This is really big for the Raiders because they are doing great in this 2021 season. Hopefully the Raiders can win the super bowl because they haven’t won since 1984,1977,1981. Many Raiders fans hope the Raiders win many games to at least make it to the playoffs. The Raiders are currently first place in the AFC West.

This means that they are first place in the NA-West. The Raiders are doing well. Many people hope for the Raiders to at least make it to the playoffs this year, because the last time they played in (2019) they went with a record of 7-wins and 9-losses. This was a horrible record but they are currently doing great in the 2021 NFL season with the record of 5-2. A person at Alta Loma middle that got interviewed whose name was Alex Paniagua said that “uhm I think the Raiders are doing pretty well. Most of my family enjoys watching the Raiders Football game and I hope they make it to the super bowl this year and succeed this year”. This explains why many people are rooting for the Raiders it brings joy to many people out there and it also explains that they want the Raiders to succeed in the super bowl.