Tabi Shoes is Fashion’s Most Recent Rising Trend

Courtesy of Martin Margiela Tabi Shoes

Courtesy of Martin Margiela Tabi Shoes

Fiona Vo, Staff Writer

Tabi shoes and boots are an uprising high-fashion statement. This footwear has an interesting slit in between the big toe and the rest of the toes. It has been popular due to the interesting look of the slit of the toe. Many people at glance may think these shoes are very unpleasant to their eyes, however, a handful of other individuals see them as a unique item and a great addition to their appearance.

It originates from the Tabi socks created during the 15th century in Japan, used to wear with sandals. In 1921, it later progressed into the Jika-Tabi. The Jika-Tabi was created by Tokujiro Ishibashi, brother of the founder of Bridgestone Corporation, Shojiro Ishibashi. Ishibashi primarily designed it to fit Japanese workers, such as manual laborers and farmers. It was a Japan-only style of footwear until Martin Margiela’s 1988 debut, showcasing his new fashion house’s Tabi.

“I think the boots are cute and they add something different to an outfit. I also like how they’re controversial in the way that some people see them and think they’re the ugliest shoes ever. I would definitely wear them, especially because they’re kind of weird and ugly,” said Macy Moore, senior.

“I feel that the Tabi shoes are definitely… interesting. They’re a choice for some people, just maybe not for me. I might wear them just to say that I have worn them, but after that, I don’t know if I would ever wear them again,” said Dani McCaslin, junior.

Margiela’s version is a homage to the original Japanese Tabi, however, it has been twisted many times to be an appropriation. Consumers must buy the right kind as an appreciation for the original Japanese Tabi. Tabi shoes and boots are very stylish and make a bold fashion statement to an overall outfit.