Overrated Teslas

Ahsiya Valenzuela, Staff Writer

Tesla is a super overrated car. Many people say this because it’s a car that costs lots of money. The only good feature it has is that it can drive itself. Tesla is also overrated because it has a lackluster interior, low towing capacity, and battery degradations. Tesla will need to replace batteries multiple times in one year, because Tesla cars have an electric power engine which causes the car to run mostly on their battery. Let’s say she/he is on the freeway. The Tesla car needs a battery for the car to run.

Then their car needs to charge in order to proceed but there is no energy charge in sight to refill their battery. This explains that Tesla is a overpriced and overrated car. In fact, Tesla’s are $41,990. Tesla is an overpriced car that many people want for many dumb reasons. Some of the dumb reasons are it drives it self, it has high security which means it has cameras all around the outside and inside of the car, it has a safety detector which tracks how close the car is to you. A kid at Alta Loma got interviewed about “Tesla Overrated” was Daniel Garimbo he said “What I think about Tesla’s being overrated is it takes a lot of your electricity bill when you charge and it costs lots of money”. This explains that Tesla is an overpriced car that people only want because it is electric and it has many safety features.