Tiktok’s Newest Trend, Angelic Yields


Courtesy of Youtube

Nizar Masri, Staff Writer

A new trend is taking Alta Loma and many other schools like it by storm, and thankfully it’s a positive one. Deriving its name from the antonym of ‘devious lick’, its counterpart that caused property damage and theft nationwide, angelic yields have students keeping the bathrooms in shape. An angelic yield video usually consists of soft jazz music overlaying a student refilling soap dispensers or restocking previously ravaged supplies like toilet paper.

The trend began in early October when the first video of its kind was created by a student frustrated by the actions of his peers in school and on the internet. And since then, it’s taken off and with it incidents of devious licks declined. Devious licks previously sent districts into a panic, and there was no point in repairing bathrooms. This is probably what inspired students to take the responsibility among themselves.

The nature of these two trends was a bizarre showcase of the polarizing power of the internet. And how a tool so vast can put so many into action, reaping both positive and negative effects.

“After the trend (devious licks) started to die down, I started noticing students took it upon themselves to fix the bathrooms.” said Josiah Siboro a Freshman at ALHS. “Missing items like soap and towels started to reappear, and it even went beyond that. I found a 5-dollar bill with a “pass it on” note attached on the sink one day. So, I did just that, I replaced the bill with my own and I watched as it was replaced over and over in the course of a week.”

Siboro said that eventually the cycle went out of circulation, but it was nice while it lasted and replenished his faith in our community.