Work Permit

Mariafernanda Soto, Editor

ALHS Students have so many opinions on the work permits. Especially juniors and seniors since they are the ones that are mostly more involved with the work permits. These are given all throughout the year it does not matter if it is in summer or winter break. They are given to the students. ¨If I’m being honest, I really don’t like the work permits, i feel like they are a waste of time for seniors. I think we are old enough to know that our education comes first and that if we fail then that is on us. I do not want to work until I’m 18 because that way I won’t have to ask for a permit. I think they should be optional.¨ This is what Lily Rivera, a senior, stated. 

Many students believe that seniors don’t really need work permits but Juniors do. It is said that juniors need a work permit because they can sometimes forget to care more about studies but with seniors, they know that if their classes fail, they will not be able to graduate. Juniors can disagree with this statement or agree. ¨ 

If this is how students that can work feel, then maybe the school system should really take this into account and maybe explain thoroughly why they are needed, and they should be good reasons. Overall, some students feel that Work Permits are good for us, and they keep us in check, but some others feel that they are not useful.