Fitted Hats is the Newest Rising Trend for Teens


Courtesy of Complex

Jesse Jimenez Noriega, Staff Writer

Fitted hats have become a new trend for teens to wear and students at Alta Loma High School have also jumped on this trend. These hats are without the strap in the back and come in different sizes in order to fit the head of a certain person. Students are able to wear these hats all day around school with some exceptions. Students come to school in many different hats and colors but one that they are not allowed to wear is the color red. However, this dress code comes after a change because the original dress code for hats was where students could only wear hats representing the school or an all black hat. Students at Alta Loma High School are enjoying this new dress code.

“I really like the update to the dress code that the school made on hats because it allows me to be more diverse with my outfits because I like to match my hats with my outfits,” stated Elijah Stewart, Senior.

Students can buy these hats and even customize them to get different logos and even their name on the hat if they choose to. This customization was a big part of the reason that this became a trend.

“I love getting different hats and customizing them how I like because it shows a bit of who I am and what I like,” stated Roger Karam, Senior.

These hats can be purchased and customized in many different stores and locations, all that needs to be done is check online if the store does customization.

“I go to Lids every week because I like to get different hats with different customization,”  said Stewart.