Cross Country Bread Fundraiser

Luke Winters, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 8th, Alta Loma Cross Country started their bread fundraiser. It ran Friday, October 21st. During this event, athletes were able to sell bread to raise money for cross country. This is mainly for funding the banquet at the end of the year. This banquet will take place on November 10th, and the athletes will be able to celebrate the season with friends and family.

The bread fundraiser went through the Old Town Baking Company, located in the shopping center just off of Carnelian. Many items were available to be bought from this fundraiser, not only bread. Cookies, brownies, and other sweet baked goods were also available for purchase. A portion of the income from the purchases went to the cross country team. “My favorite thing from the fundraiser was the jalapeño cheese bread,” said Sean de Anda, freshman.

The fundraiser was very successful. Many baked good were sold, including bread, brownies, cookies, and more. Over $2500 worth of these baked goods were sold by members of the cross country team to family, friends, and more. This fundraiser is going to be a way of closing out the season, since as of the end of the fundraiser, only one more race was left in the cross country 2021 season. One more fundraiser is taking place as well; the cross country team is going through the LA Times newspaper to raise money by selling newspapers. Cross country receives 100% of the funds. “I participated in the fundraiser because I wanted to help support my cross country team and to raise enough money for next season so we can have a fun and exciting year,” said Gavin Meza, freshman.