Football’s last Regular Season Home Game

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Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma High School football team recently had their last home game of the league and made it to CIF. This last game was a victory after they pulled off a comeback. Students were bummed to hear about this being the last home game but another home game can be held if the football team continues to play well and win then they will be able to play more home games for CIF.

“I was really bummed that this is going to be our last home game but I heard it is possible we get another for a CIF game so I hope that happens.” -Brandon Moore Jr, Senior.

The football team is 7-3 which is a positive record and they are really putting on for the school and showing what being an Alta Loma Brave is really about. 

“ I can’t wait for next year to be able to go and watch more of the football games and stand in the blue crew.”- David Jimenez, Sophomore.

The blue crew is a fan favorite and this is a section where the students go to for music and to jump around excitedly to watch the game. Blue crew has different themes for different games and students always show up in that theme. This last football game was pink out and students showed out. This is all showcasing how the football games are always crowded and how the last game is a must go.