India Fears Taliban Fallout In Kashmir

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

The fear of the Taliban continues. India still fears Taliban Fallout in Kashmir. October 15, 2021 Yahoo provided these details about why India fears the Taliban. “As Prime Minister Narendra Modi set out his Taliban worries to world leaders this week, Indian forces staged raids and battled Kashmir militants who he fears could be emboldened by the Islamists’ victory in Afghanistan.”. The Taliban are terrorizing the streets of India and India is in great fear.

International Business Times had this statement to say about the streets of India being terrorized by the Taliban. “In September, he told the UN General Assembly that no country must be allowed to use Afghanistan “as a tool for its own selfish interests” a comment widely seen as a reference to neighboring Pakistan, the chief backer of the Taliban’s 1996-2001 regime.” This was Joaquin Tirado’s statement on the situation at hand “I think that the Indians should come together and get their guns and shoot the Taliban and win India back. ”.

This is Robert Rodriguez’s opinion on India fearing the Taliban. “ I think India should not be afraid anymore and should try fighting back against the Taliban and beat them with a lot of fire power.”With India fearing the Taliban fallout in Kashmir it is giving the Taliban an advantage and giving India a bigger weak spot. Modi has also raised Joe Biden’s concerns with India. It is also not possible to start a virtual walk because of restrictions. Hopefully within a short time things will look better for India.