Make Your Halloween Costume from Home


Courtesy of the Crafted Life

Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

Halloween for the year 2021 is coming up very quickly which means you need a costume
even quicker. But most people either don’t want to go out and spend their money on a costume
or just want something quick and easy to make themselves, so here are some solutions.
For girls, one of the easiest and go to consume is a Disney princess. All you would need
is their color dress, shoes and whatever accessories they have. A Disney princess is also very
recognizable and you can make it your own. Another super easy and quick costume would be a
jack-o-lantern. You just need an orange dress shirt, etc., and then just draw or print out your
pumpkin face and you are ready to go. There are so many different customization options that
you can choose from when you make it yourself.

But, it’s not just the girls that can make your own costume. Boys can do just the same,
for example, the jack-o-lantern costume a boy can wear that too. Or if they want to be scuba
divers those ones are really easy too. You dress in all black and you put goggles on, then you
spray paint two two-liter bottles and put them on the back. There’s more than you can do or you
can also stop there.

Those are some fun and easy options but there’s so much more. With these DIY
Halloween costumes, you can make it to your liking, and no one going to have the exact same
thing. Also coming out of the year 2020 people have gotten really good at making things
themselves and that hobby can now carry on in the years to come.

Also, another super easy way is to just put on some makeup to do with the costume you
are doing like a clown. Which is also a super recognizable costume. A lot of students here think
the same way and like the idea of an easy DIY costume. “I think that it super fun to be able to
make it yourself especially because you can make it you,” stated Lizzie Guyson, Freshman.
Also, anyone can do these. Most people have this stuff around their house but if they
don’t they can get it for really cheap somewhere. “I’ve never really realized how easy some of
these costumes are to make,” stated Bella Hansen, Freshman. Most people don’t and that’s the thing,
they just need to see how easy it really is.