India Floods

Mariafernanda Soto, Editor

On October 15, 2021 so much rain started in India through Kerala, Nepal and in Uttarakhand. It caused so much destruction in the city and so many people died because of this, so many biomes that were destroyed. Landslides and floods that were caused by the rain. People are still trying to get through this mess, they are trying to fix all the homes and trying to restore. 

More than 180 people have died, 88 people in Nepal, 55 in Uttarakhand, and 42 in Kerala. Dozens more are still missing, they could be in houses that were buried in the debris. “In Nepal the victims included a family of six, among them three children, whose house was buried in a sudden deluge of soil and debris. The worst-affected areas are Panchthar district in east Nepal, and ilam and Doti in west Nepal,” Stated in BBC News. 

It was really painful for some of the people that went through that. ¨It blocked two tunnels connected to the Tapovan Vishnugad hydro power project in the state of Uttarakhand. Basant Bahadur and his group were pulled out from the smaller tunnel. Emergency teams are now focused on rescuing 35 people believed to be trapped in the longer one, which is 8.3 km (5.1 miles) long.¨ stated in BBC. ‘It was the most difficult seven hours of my life’

No one should have to go through this, women, men, children and just families all together have died. It is so sad to think about it, but many are hoping that this gets better and that all people are accounted for.