Homecoming Spirit Week


Photo by Erin Edmon

Erin Edmon, Staff Writer

Homecoming Spirit Week, the fourth through eighth of October, was an energetic lead up to Homecoming on Saturday, October ninth. Each day of the week, students were encouraged to show their school Spirit by dressing up as that day’s theme.

Hoco spirit week allows students to express their creativity and have fun, and it shows our unity as a school and pride as the ALHS Braves,” stated Jillian Huey, Junior.

ASB announced the themes of each day on their Instagram page and students and teachers alike dressed accordingly. The first day was Merch Monday, followed by 2 Tired Tuesday, Wacky Tourist Wednesday, Team it Up Thursday, and finally Star Light Star Bright on Friday.

On Merch Monday, students were encouraged to wear the merch of any of their favorite people, artists, bands, or whatever they liked. 2 Tired Tuesday was a pajama day, one of the most highly participated in days, and comfortable students were everywhere. Wacky Tourist Wednesday was a day where students dressed up in their Hawaiian shirts and put on some sunscreen to look like the classic tourist dad.

Team it Up Thursday meant each of the classes went head to head to see who could show the most school spirit. Seniors wore red, Juniors wore pink, Sophomores wore green, and freshmen wore orange. Thursday was also the night of the Night Rally, where the classes competed in games to see who’s really the best.

Starlight, Starbright was the final theme, and students wore neon both throughout the day and at the Homecoming game that night. The entire week led up to a wonderful night-themed homecoming dance on that Saturday, the ninth.