Mr Rook’s Haircut?


Mr Rook showing his stylish new hair do!

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

Government and Economic teacher at Alta Loma High School, Mr Rook is a beloved part of our administration, but you may know him best for his lengthy and luscious locks. In early October it was revealed that he had finally gotten a haircut. The travesty of his haircut has been something that has affected us all but change was needed. Some say that the hair holds memories, and Mr Rook’s hair holds many memories not only for him but for his students. The blonde locks have been through student meltdowns, note days, and the overall tension that finals week brings. Some might even go as far as to say that the hair gave them hope.

When asked what prompted Mr Rook to cut his hair he said ̈The long hair was great but the upkeep and having to style it every morning just got to be too much. I wasn’t aware that it held so much importance for the students. I might have rethought my decision if it did.”

The reactions from students have been mixed as some praise Mr Rook for his bravery while others hold resentment towards the loss of their hope. Not all agree that it was 100% his decision to cut his hair and that it should’ve been discussed with his classes. That argument is still up for debate today.

In the days following the haircut tensions ran high as those around him acclimated to the change. Mr Rook seems content with his haircut but a mullet may have made him more content.

In response to would he ever get a mullet, Rook answered ̈If i was dying and it was my last day on earth I would get a mullet, but otherwise no. I believe that’s a hairstyle that should be kept in the past, respectfully.”