Oil Spill on West Coast Causes Environmental Tragedy

Photo Courtesy of theguardian.com

Photo Courtesy of theguardian.com

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

On Tuesday October 5th it was reported that there was an unnatural sheen on the coast of Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. It was later discovered that this sheen was actually due to an oil spill that had been leaking for reported months before investigation began. This is one of the largest oil spills to happen on the west coast for years!

Nbc Los Angeles wrote “A 13-inch split was found in a section of pipeline that appears to have been displaced by more than 100 feet off the Orange County coast, according to a team handling the response to an oil spill that closed miles of Southern California coastline. At a news conference Tuesday, the Coast Guard said a remotely operated observation vehicle was used to spot a bend in about 4,000 feet of the pipeline. Divers confirmed that a section of the 17.7-mile oil rig pipeline had been ‘laterally displaced.’”

Although investigation is still ongoing it is highly suspected that the cause of this leak was due to trauma to the pipe by an anchor from a cargo ship. In response to the destruction this oil spill had on the ecosystems that live there Governor Gavin Newsom met with Coast Guard officials to discuss the severity of the situation. He urged that fossil fuel jobs outnumber those in clean energy and that these offshore drilling occurrences have to stop to protect our environment as they are no longer needed.

A large reason for these accidents is that there are no longer enough funds or people to make sure these rigs are kept under safe conditions and because of this the consequences can be environmentally deadly. Its estimated to take months for cleanup and its going to take years for the environment to recover. The only way a guarantee can be made that this will never happen again is to leave fossil fuels in the past !