Customized Air Forces are the Social Media’s Most Recent Obssession

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Shelby Summerhays, Style and Trends Editor

Within the last year due to quarantine, most of fashion’s biggest trends have stemmed from social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube.  One of these rising trends is customized Nike Air Force 1’s.  


DIY Air Forces started to become well-known in November of 2019 when Uriel Quintana, a 17 year old influence from Omaha, Nebraska gained over 331,000 followers on TikTok and more than 31,000 followers on Instagram after posting the detailed drawings he created using his Air Force 1’s as a canvas.  Additionally, artist Vicky Vuong is known on Instagram for, “Swoosh Sundays.”  This is a series on her page, in which she customizes only the Nike Air Force Swoosh.  


“I love watching videos on TikTok of people showing a normal white Air Force 1 and then showing the same shoe but with cool designs and art on it,” stated Broderick Harris, Sophomore.


What began as an arts and crafts project for many, is also now a business for some.  Websites such as The Custom Movement or Etsy allow artists to sell a pair of shoes they customized.  Some of the most popular DIY designs include butterflies, flowers, tye-dye, flames, or even cartoon characters.  Artists create these designs using tools such as paint brushes, sharpies, rhinestones, painters tape, acrylic leather paints, acrylic finisher, sharp blades, stencils, heat gun, and blow dryers.  


“I find it really interesting the designs people come up with when customizing their Air Forces,” stated Kyrie Garcia, Sophomore.


It is no surprise this trend is so famous, as it provides artists and fashion lovers with the opportunity to express themselves through clothing and art.