Flannels are Making a Comeback during this Winter Season

Photo by Joel Woodcook

Photo by Joel Woodcook

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

 Flannels date back to the seventeenth century, when they were first created and worn. Since then, they have grown in popularity and use.

Flannels first became common in the 1990’s, when they were worn by popular music artists. The style then boomed to what it is today. They are a comfortable and good-looking addition to any outfit.

“Flannels have a design that convinces me to wear them because of the patterns,” stated Leonardo Rivera, Freshmen.

Not only are they fashionable, but flannels are also easy and convenient. Unlike sweaters, they are made of light material, and as such do not have all the bulk of a coat. They still provide enough warmth for the fall season.

“Flannels are great they look cool and are stylish but don’t where them with shorts,” stated Logan Parker, Freshmen.

Flannels are also not difficult to match with other outfits (besides shorts) and can be worn over most clothing. This is especially true, as there is a great multitude of variations in color and size to match one’s personality.

Many people at Alta Loma High School have adopted this style. It is not uncommon to come across multiple people wearing a flannel in a day. The most common color of flannel one will see is red and black, with the next common being white.

Regardless, flannels are great for all to wear. Such convenience and style as they provide make it obvious why they’re so well liked.