How to Truly Live, Laugh, Love

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Ryan Van Veldhuizen, Staff Writer

I have discovered the truly best way of going through life with ease and comfort. Everyone should only go by these three simple words: live, laugh, love.

To authentically go by these words there are many steps to do. First with live, it is very simple, just stay alive doing what you are meant to do. You can do this by going through with your ambitions, such as becoming a housewife and hanging countless signs in your house that you go by.

The next most important thing to do is to laugh. Laugh at things you don’t find funny, but do it anyway to seem like you’re interested in what people have to say. Laugh in times of sadness to ease the pain, who cares if your dog died, laugh the pain away.

Now, this last word is the most important in this entire saying. To love, you have to learn to enjoy everything you do. Even if you don’t like someone, learn to love them. Who cares if they said they would divorce you, stay with them, they will stay with you if you love them hard enough.

“While living, laughing, and loving in my home do so as you’re mopping my floors and doing your own laundry” stated my mom.

“We get so many middle-aged women coming into our stores asking for all these signs and we can’t keep up with them, they really like their signs,” stated the manager of Home Goods.

This is the way to positively live to your fullest potential and extend the joy of life. To live, laugh, love, everyone needs to follow these instructions exactly or you will not be invited to next Sunday’s brunch event where we show off how we are live, laugh, loving. So make sure to live how you want to, laugh at funny things, and love everyone.