Marvel Studio’s Hawkeye is Finally Released

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Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

Marvel has already released two television series this past year and has long been in the production of a third. On November 24, Marvel released the long awaited Hawkeye. Like Marvel’s previous shows, it is available to watch on  Disney+ solely, with no other platform streaming it.

Hawkeye takes place in the MCU universe after Avengers: Endgame. The season will consist of six episodes, one of which will be released each Wednesday. Two episodes have already been released on November 24. This means that the season will end on December 22.

“I’m excited to watch it,” stated Jeremy Neal, a student at Alta Loma High School.

This new Marvel series has many fans excited. New characters are making an appearance in the show. Many are speculating about what will take place in this series. However, no spoilers will be given at the present time.

“He’s an underrated avenger and doesn’t get enough screen time,” stated Joseph Quiroz, a student at ALHS.

It is safe to say that Hawkeye will do well, and is indeed already doing so. The show has a massive budget, with a single episode having cost 25 million dollars. A lot of time and money has been invested into it, and there is little doubt that it will be to great profit.

Regardless of one’s views on Marvel, one is bound to enjoy this television show; both fans and casual watchers alike will enjoy it. It’s release also gives Marvel a chance to think about the future of the saga and where they want to take it.