Should Christmas decorations be sold before Halloween is over?

Alexa Palafox, Staff Writer

Starting around the middle of October, many stores start to slowly bring out the Christmas gear, and as soon as Halloween hits- BAM. It’s a winter wonderland everywhere you look, from the bright lights to the red ribbons, Christmas trees, and wreaths. Many people find a sense of joy and comfort from this wonderful time of the year, while others… not so much. For others, seeing the holiday gear brings forth anger and annoyance because the other holidays don’t get their chance to shine. At Alta Loma, Christmas hasn’t taken over just yet. The fall feeling is here with things like Halloween and grateful grams. Thanksgiving break is also around the corner reminding everyone about the forgotten holiday. Out of 15 students asked, 6 like the early Christmas celebrations, while 5 despise it. 4 students don’t have an opinion.

“I think that stores should not be selling Christmas things before Halloween,” says Emma McNabb, junior at ALHS. “There is almost an entire month for Christmas, and there are two other major holidays before December. After those holidays are over, there is even Black Friday where lots of people go shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations.” This is true, being that around 6 or 7 pm of Thanksgiving Day, stores open and the shopping chaos commences. Obviously, things will be a bit different this year due to COVID, however, the purpose is still present. It’s as if society revolves around the idea of Christmas during autumn with their priorities being shopping for presents.

“I definitely think they shouldn’t do that [sell Christmas items so early] because it makes you feel like everything is rushed,” said Paola Tututi, junior at ALHS. “Having Halloween items and decorations in stores gets you into the Halloween spirit.” While it is unsettling to most people about the wacky sales schedule, it is what it is when stores are trying to sell and promote their items. The next thing we can expect is the Valentine’s Day decor rolling out towards New Years.