Conan Gray Finally Released His Most Anticipated Song, Telepath

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Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

On October 29th, 2021, Conan Gray, a young singer most known for his single Heather, released his new song called Telepath after months of teasers and sneak peeks.

“[The song] and his music is pretty chill,” stated Cassandra Oseguera, Junior. The song is about Conan Gray foretelling the patterns and behavior of his ex, explaining how they’re predictable. The song describes his exasperation of having a lover who keeps coming back to him. Whenever the ex grows uncomfortable or bored in the relationship, they easily leave him, but they quickly come running back after they’ve already broken up. He is unimpressed and sick of the hot-and-cold dynamic, and he believes that the tactic is overused and no longer original.

Previously, Conan Gray released slow and tragic ballads filled with complex metaphors and analogies that explained how he was trying to keep a dying relationship alive. The song, Telepath, is quite the opposite of those rhythms, featuring direct and blunt explanations with little emotional complexity, according to Conan Gray made this song with the point of being simple and relatable rather than being refined and fathomless. He wanted the listeners to hear and understand his frustration without struggling to figure out what the song was about.

The most fascinating part of the song is that while the lyrics scorn the lover and explain his irritation, at the end of the song, he explains how he accepts his lover anyway, despite being a toxic person. Through the climax in the song, he introduces the song’s main theme that young love makes someone irrational and illogical.

“The songwriting is strong [and] he’s so talented in creating these big choruses and pop anthem songs,” stated Bruna Class, a music commentator. The song features an electro-pop beat reminiscent of the classic 80’s rhythm. The beat is repetitive with a heavy bassline that makes the song almost hypnotic. The song was also produced by Dan Nigro, who produced Conan Gray’s previous hit songs as well as Olivia Roderigo’s famous album, SOUR.