Turkey Vs Ham

Andrew Cortez, Staff Writer

In this world there are winners and there’s losers, the winners believe that ham is the superior meat of choice and then there are the bottom dwellers that believe that turkey, a bird that looks constipated most of the time is better.

Obviously, these people have never known true moisture if it oinked at them in the face. Ham is better in many ways, not just in flavor but in the preparation alone. Everyone should agree that it is a better choice because it has so many options, not to mention the time it takes for ham to be cooked is significantly lower than turkey.

 There are different ways to prepare ham for meals but the most popular one for Thanksgiving includes injecting the ham with different ingredients and cooking it until it reaches an internal temp of about 150 F. There are different ways to cook a turkey but somehow every way that it can be cooked makes the meat dry as the Sahara desert, people have even tried frying the whole bird itself hoping by some miracle that the bird doesn’t have the texture of beef jerky.

In a very disappointing poll on Instagram turkey won with a total of 23 votes, with ham not far behind with a total of 21 votes. It’s obvious, this poll was rigged, and further investigation is being taken.

 If you use turkey in your breakfast, it will just be turkey with chicken, that’s way too much bird for anyone and no one ever said green eggs and turkey.